General Information


- Do not apply this product in a way that will contact workers or other persons, either directly or through drift. Only protected handlers may he in the area during application.

- Do not enter or allow others to enter until sprays have dried.

Embark 2-S Plant Growth Regulator (PGR) may be applied to various species of turfgrass, ground covers, ornamental shrubs and trees in public, commercial, or industrial areas for reducing the frequency of mowing and trimming.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions



Embark 2-S PGR may be applied to specified turfgrasses in commercial and public areas including:

- COMMERCIAL-INDUSTRIAL AREAS: Highway rights-of-way, utility rights-of-way, buildings, industrial parks, tank farms, airports.

- PUBLIC AREAS: Schools, libraries, hospitals, cemeteries, golf courses (except greens), parks, roads, walkways, condominiums, and apartment complexes.

- UNCULTIVATED AGRICULTURAL AREAS: Around farm buildings, storage sheds, implement storage sheds, implement storage areas, and roadsides.


When mowing after application: For an evenly trimmed appearance grass may be mowed 3 to 7 days after Embark 2-S PGR is applied.

When mowing before application: Grass may be mowed up to two days before applying Embark 2-S PGR. Clippings and other debris should be removed before spraying. If mowing removes most of the green leaf tissue, spraying should be delayed until sufficient new growth develops to assure product absorption into green leaves.

When mowing is not desired or practical: Apply Embark 2-S PGR in the spring, after green-up, but before mowing is necessary, thus avoiding mowing until growth regulation wears off.


For those grasses recommended at 1.5 pint rate, a slightly longer period of growth regulation can be attained with a 2 pint/acre rate. If temporary discoloration of turf occurs and is objectionable reduce the 1.5 pint rate to 1 pint/acre.


- Do not apply Embark 2-S PGR to golf greens.

- Do not apply to turf areas within 4 growing months after seeding and do not reseed within 3 days following application (except Calif. where reseeding may not occur within 2 weeks). Turf treated with Embark 2-S PGR may appear less dense and temporarily discolored when compared with untreated, actively growing turf. However, with increasing time, turf may appear darker green than untreated areas.

- Do not contaminate food or feed.

- Do not feed clippings to livestock. Do not graze livestock in treated areas.

- Keep out of lakes, streams, and ponds.


- Embark 2-S PGR, applied to turfgrass, reduces mowing requirements for 6 weeks following treatment by regulating growth and preventing seedhead formation. Apply Embark 2-S PGR uniformly to green, actively growing turf. For season long seedhead suppression of cool-season grasses, apply no later than when the seedhead can be felt at the base of the stem (approximately 2 weeks prior to seedhead appearance). Do not apply to closely mowed areas, where most of the green growth has been cut.

- Remove excessive grass clippings and leaves prior to treatment.

- Avoid spray overlaps that will increase dosage above those recommended.

- Embark 2-S PGR may be applied more than once per season, however, wait at least 6 weeks between applications.

- In turfgrass renovation programs, areas treated with Embark 2-S PGR may be reseeded 3 days following application (except Calif. where reseeding may not occur within 2 weeks).

- The amount of water used to give adequate and uniform spray coverage is dependent on the type of spray equipment used.

- Wheatgrass, Orchardgrass, Smooth Bromegrass: Except California.