General Information


Not for homeowner use. For use by individuals / firms licensed or registered by the state to apply ornamental or turf pest control products.

Apply OHP 6672 4.5 L with ground or aerial equipment, using sufficient volume of spray to provide thorough coverage. Add required amount of OHP 6672 4.5 L to partially filled tank agitated by mechanical or hydraulic means and then add remaining required amount of water. Continuous agitation is required to keep the material in suspension. Do not tank mix with highly alkaline pesticides, such as Bordeaux mixture or lime sulfur. No claim of compatibility with other pesticides is implied. Use the higher rates under conditions of severe disease pressure. Also, see local State Extension Service recommendations for application schedules.

IMPORTANT: If, after using OHP 6672 4.5 L as recommended, treatment is not effective, a tolerant strain of fungi may be present. Consult your local State Agricultural Experiment Station or your State Agricultural Extension Service for advice on the prompt use of some other suitable fungicide.

RESTRICTIONS: Do not apply to areas likely to be grazed by livestock and do not feed clippings to livestock or poultry.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


For use on all fine turf applications such as Bentgrasses, Bermuda grasses, Bluegrasses, Fescues, Ryegrasses, St. Augustine grasses, and Zoysia or their mixtures. OHP 6672 4.5 L is not phytotoxic to any of the above mentioned grasses when used in accordance with the label. OHP 6672 4.5 L is to be used for the prevention and control of the diseases listed below.

For best results use spray mixture the same day it is prepared.

Spray uniformly over the area to be treated with a properly calibrated sprayer. Apply after mowing or avoid mowing twelve hours after application. Apply recommended amounts in sufficient water to obtain thorough coverage, (2-4 gallons per 1,000 square feet suggested). When treating golf greens, always treat aprons.


- Not for homeowner use.

- Do not apply with fixed wing or rotary aircraft.

- Not for use on turf being grown for sale or other commercial use as sod.

- Minimum 14 – day Retreatment Interval.

Do not exceed the maximum application rate listed in the ‘Use Site’ table when applying to home lawns, parks, athletic fields, schools, day care centers and golf course tees, greens and aprons.


Suppression only, especially when using the lower rates.

Apply when disease first appears. For best results lightly water into the root zone and do not mow for 12 hours before or after application.

Minimum spray interval is 14 days.

When disease pressure is heavy, use the highest rate allowed or consider a tank mix with another fungicide labeled for the same use site and disease.

- Refer in the label for USE SITES Maximum Single Application Rate and Maximum Seasonal Application Rate.

Restricted Entry Interval

12 hours