General Information


DIMILIN 25W is an insect growth regulator which is effective on a wide variety of insect pests, predominately from the families Lepidoptera and Diptera. Because of its mode of action, which results in a disruption of the normal molting process of the insect larvae, the action of DIMILIN is slow and several days may elapse before the full effect is seen. Because of its specificity, DIMILIN has little or no effect on bees or other beneficial insects and is therefore an excellent product for use in IPM programs.

Mixing Instructions: Fill the spray tank with half the required amount of water. Begin agitation and add the required amount of DIMILIN 25W. Continue agitation while adding the remainder of the water.


Do not apply this product to bodies of water where swimming is likely to occur.

Do not apply within 25 feet by ground or 150 feet by air of bodies of water such as lakes, reservoirs, rivers, permanent streams, natural ponds, marshes or estuaries. All applications must include a 25 foot vegetative buffer strip within the buffer zone to decrease runoff.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


DIMILIN 25W is effective in controlling a variety of insect pests found on trees and shrubs in areas such as:

- Public and private forests

- Forest plantings and forest nurseries

- Christmas tree and conifer nurseries

- Residential and municipal shade tree areas and landscape plantings

- Recreational areas such as campgrounds, golf courses, parks, parkways*

- Shelterbelts

- Rights of way and other easements

*In campground or other recreational areas applications should be made during periods of minimal use. Notify persons using recreational facilities or living in the area to be sprayed before

application of this or any other pesticide.


Application Notes: Determining the correct volume of water to apply is highly dependent on the tree height, canopy size and application type.

For ground applications, use an adequate amount of water to obtain thorough coverage to the foliage without excessive runoff. As a general guideline, use the recommended per acre dosage of DIMILIN 25W in the following amounts of water.

High volume hydraulic sprayer: 100 - 400 gallons per acre

Mist blower, air blast sprayer: 5 - 30 gallons per acre

For aerial applications, spray volumes of 1/2 to 5 gallons per acre are recommended. Continuous agitation during mixing and application is required to maintain suspension of DIMILIN 25W. Do not use equipment without adequate agitation.

Uniform coverage of the foliage is essential for optimum performance. The higher water volumes are recommended when application conditions are less than ideal, for very large or dense tree stands, for high population pressures or when insects have reached older instar stages.

Use Rates and Recommendations: The following table provides use rates and recommendations for optimum performance of DIMILIN 25W. In most cases, applications should be made when insect larvae are in the early instar stages. Applications made to late instar larvae may result in reduced foliage protection and the higher rates should be used.

Restricted Entry Interval

12 hours