General Information


TRIFLURALIN 4 E.C. herbicide is a selective herbicide for the preemergence control of annual grasses and broadleaf weeds which may be applied in liquid sprays of water or liquid fertilizer, or impregnated on dry bulk fertilizer. To prevent loss of herbicidal

activity, it must be soil incorporated within 24 hours after application.

This product may be tank mixed or followed by overlay or postemergence treatments with other herbicides to improve the spectrum of weeds controlled. It. controls weeds by disrupting growth processes during germination. TRIFLURALIN 4 E.C. does not

control established weeds.

Applied according to directions and under normal growing conditions, TRIFLURALIN 4 E.C. will not harm the treated crop. Over application may result in crop injury or rotational crop damage from soil residue. Uneven application or improper incorporation can result in erratic weed control or crop injury. Seedling disease, cold weather, deep planting, excessive moisture, high salt concentration, or drought may weaken crop seedlings and increase the possibility of damage.

Under these conditions, delayed crop development or reduced yields may result.

Do not apply to soils that are wet or are subject to prolonged periods of flooding as poor weed control may result.

Do not use on any crop grown in Pecos County or Reeves County, Texas.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Apply as a preplant soil incorporated treatment.

- Coarse and medium soils with 2-5% organic matter - 1.5 pints

- Fine soils with 2-5% organic matter - 2.0 pints

- Soils with 5-10% organic matter - 2.0 pints

Restricted Entry Interval

12 hours