General Information


TRACITE GHEP LIQUID CALCIUM is a micronutrient compound formulated with a complexing agent derived from the natural organic sugars of glucoheptonic acids. These sugar acids have the capacity to form multi-bond, water-soluble complexes with various metal ions resulting in an exceptionally stable product. The micronutrient stays soluble and mobile and does not react with soil or fertilizer. TRACITE GHEP LIQUID CALCIUM is non-phytotoxic and is safe to use as foliar or aerial application or in X-OX fertilizer grades used in drip irrigation. Glucoheptonate is a natural sticking agent making it very effective for foliar application.


TRACITE GHEP LIQUID CALCIUM readily mixes in water and is compatible with most pesticides. It may be added to nitrogen solutions, X-O-X and other mixed liquid fertilizers and it may be impregnated on dry fertilizers. DO NOT MIX WITH HIGH PHOSPHATE FERTILIZERS SUCH AS 10-34-0. Due to the variety of chemicals and uses it is advisable to test compatibility before mixing. Mixing sequence: 1) water; 2) TRACITE GHEP LIQUID CALCIUM; 3) pesticide. Use 20 gallons of water per acre for ground spray equipment and at least 5 gallons for aerial applications. Agitate thoroughly.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

VEGETABLE CROPS: Apply 1-2 qts. per acre per application every 10-14 days for maximum of 1½ gals. per acre.