General Information


TRACITE 8-30-2 is a normal liquid plant nutrient that provides plants with many of the necessary elements required for growth. It provides trace elements and plant nutrients which improves the general plant condition and is a valuable supplement to soil fertilizer programs, particularly where there are adverse conditions for the uptake of primary nutrients from the soil.

Compatibility: TRACITE 8-30-2 is compatible with most fungicides, insecticides and herbicides. Some exceptions are alkaline mixtures like lime sulfur.


TRACITE 8-30-2 may be applied to many crops (including row crops) since all plants are capable of absorbing nutrients through the leaves. The use of TRACITE 8-30-2 for foliar feeding is particularly advantageous on crops that have fast and heavy foliar growth, including vegetable plants, potatoes, sugar beets, grapes, hops, cotton, citrus, fruits, coffee, tobacco, etc.

TRACITE 8-30-2 should be used in all crop protection sprays including sprays with a minimum volume of 5 gallons/A by air. However, the concentration of TRACITE 8- 30-2 should not exceed 1 quart in 5 gallons of solution (5% by volume).

The following table is a guide for the use of TRACITE 8-30-2 as a plant nutrient.

Rates and frequency of application will depend on individual management programs.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Apply with crop protection sprays or at 7 – 10 day intervals. Begin 3 weeks after emergence.

NOTE: Do not use in the dormant spray program with dinitro compounds, dormant oil, lime sulfur, or highly-alkaline spray materials.