General Information


TRACITE 10-12-0 With 2% ZINC is designed for foliar or soil application. It is recommended for use as an additive in dry or liquid fertilizers and is compatible with most of the herbicides, insecticides and agricultural chemicals that can be utilized in combination with liquid fertilizers. TRACITE 10-12-0 With 2% ZINC may not be compatible with some liquid fertilizer formulations. A premix “jar test” is recommended prior to mixing with liquid fertilizer to check compatibility.

NOTE: TRACITE 10-12-0 With 2% ZINC is NOT RECOMMENDED for use with pesticides that are affected by acid hydrolysis or are not compatible with acid materials. DO NOT MIX WITH CATIONIC PESTICIDES

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Recommended Crops

TRACITE 10-12-0 With 2% ZINC can be applied to the following crops: vegetables, fruit, row crops, deciduous fruit and nut trees, citrus trees and commercial turf and ornamentals.

Application and Mixing Guide

Ground Application - Apply in enough water to provide sufficient coverage.

Higher rates up to 8 pints may be necessary under certain conditions, but should be used only in connection with the recommendations as the result of soil and/or plant tissue analysis or at the recommendation of an agricultural extension agent.

Thorough coverage is necessary for best results and the addition of a non-ionic surfactant such as SURFACTANT 90 is recommended. Local climatic conditions, infestations and other factors affect the performance of any insecticide, fungicide and nutritional spray. Therefore for specific use, consult your local Helena Chemical Company representative or your local agricultural agent.