General Information


TRACITE 0-0-21 is a highly concentrated water-based solution of potash and oxidized sulfur useful in the correction of nutritional deficiencies in plants. The unique formulation of TRACITE 0-0-21 provides a non-corrosive liquid that is stable at cold temperatures. Applications of TRACITE 0-0-21 through mixing, application, and irrigation equipment may reduce the rate and degree of corrosion that occurs when this equipment is exposed to fertilizer solutions. In addition, TRACITE 0-0-21 contains components that reduce the surface tension of spray application water that is applied with it. Such reductions may improve the permeability of the applied spray solution on hard to wet soils.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Application rates for general use are 2-6 gallons per acre.

TRACITE 0-0-21 provides a neutral or slightly acidic pH value when diluted with water. This characteristic makes it compatible with most pesticides.