General Information


Do not apply oil sprays when trees are wilting or near wilting. In general, a period of 3 or more weeks should elapse between an application of sulfur or lime sulfur and an oil spray. Oil sprays applied after October 1 increase the susceptibility of trees to cold injury and may reduce the crop the following year.

Oil sprays should not be applied on bearing trees during August and September, since during this period they will seriously reduce the solids content of the juice and retard coloring. Oil sprays applied when the fruit is between 3/4\" and 1-1/2\" in diameter may result in oil blotch.

Avoid spraying with oil during periods of excessively high temperature (over 90º F.). Do not spray with this material if weather reports indicate freezing temperatures.

Do not use this material if it does not mix with water. Do not use in undiluted form.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

Apply in sufficient water to assure thorough coverage of leaves, twigs & fruit.

Restricted Entry Interval

4 hours