General Information


SAPONYN is a natural wetting agent designed to reduce the surface tension and improve the wetting of agricultural sprays. It improves water penetration and can be used to move spray solutions into the soil solution.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


SOIL: Use 1 pint (16 oz.) per acre.

ROW CROPS: Mix with starter or side dress fertilizer. Can also be metered into first irrigation water.

TREES and VINES: Dilute in sufficient water for coverage and spray soil surface to be irrigated or meter into first irrigation water.

TRANSPLANTS: Mix with transplant water to apply 1 pint (16 oz.) per acre.

PLANTS: Use 2 fluid ounces per 100 gallons of water to reduce surface tension and improve wetting in agricultural sprays.

If foaming is a problem, use an anti-foam agent in the spray formulation or fertilizer solution.