General Information

REMIT is compatible with liquid fertilizer spray mixes at manufacturers specified label rates. However, it is recommended that a \"jar test\" be performed prior to actual application. In the event of fertilizer compatibility problems, the addition of a stabilizing/compatibility agent is recommended.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Use 1 gallon per acre as a banded or broadcast spray to soil or apply in irrigation water (sprinkler, micro, flood or furrow). REMIT is recommended to be applied in combination with products such as Hydra Hume at 1-2 qts. per acre and ECe-X and ECe-X K at 1-2 pts. per acre.

TURF AND ORNAMENTALS: Broadcast spray or inject into irrigation at 6 fluid oz/1000 sq ft 1 - 3 times during the season. Application is targeted at the soil but foliar contact is not detrimental. Mix with deep root injections at 1 gallon per 10 gallons of injection solution.