General Information


This fertilizer product contains Team Pro, a preemergence herbicide for control of annual grasses and broadleaf weeds in established turfgrasses.


Established Turfgrass

When to Apply: For optimum results, this product must be applied one to two weeks prior to the anticipated germination of the target annual weeds.

A single application will usually provide season-long weed control. However, a second or split application is recommended when the initial application is made well in advance of weed germination or when an extended period of weed control is required, such as areas with longer growing seasons or for lawn care operator programs.

How to Apply: Apply this product evenly over the turfgrass area using a properly-calibrated drop-type or rotary spreader. Calibrate the spreader prior to use according to the manufacturer’s directions. Check frequently to make sure equipment is working properly and distributing granules

uniformly. More uniform application may be achieved by spreading half of the required amount of product over the area and then applying the remaining half in swaths at a right angle to the first. Avoid skips and excessive overlaps as poor weed control or turfgrass injury may occur. Avoid use of spreaders that apply material in narrow concentrated bands. A splash board mounted below the release point of drop-type spreaders can improve the uniformity of product distribution.

Activation: Optimum weed control performance will be obtained if treated areas receive rainfall or irrigation soon after application.

Important Use Precautions: Do not apply this product to golf course putting greens, dichondra, or newly-sprigged areas of bermudagrass, St. Augustinegrass, centipedegrass, or zoysiagrass. Any cultural practices that disturb the soil, such as aerification or verticutting, should be done prior to application. This product will not harm most nearby ornamentals.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Spring: To control spring-to-summer germinating annual weeds

Fall: To control fall germinating weeds

In cool season and warm season turfgrass areas, make a single application in the spring or fall, 1 to 2 weeks before expected time of weed germination.


Team herbicide, which controls annual grass weeds, may also affect the establishment of new desirable turfgrass seedlings, if reseeding is attempted too soon after application. When reseeding, it is essential that proper cultural practices, such as soil cultivation, irrigation and fertilization be followed. Reseeding, following the last application of this product, should not be attempted until the applicable minimum time delay in the table on the label has been met.

Application Rate and Minimum time delay following last application before reseeding

174 lbs/acre or 4.00 lb/1000 sq ft - 8 weeks

349 lbs/acre or 8.00 lb/1000 sq ft - 12 to 16 weeks