General Information


Highly-concentrated PROMATE LIQUID LAKE COLORANT is essential for maintaining the natural beauty of contained bodies of water. PROMATE LIQUID LAKE COLORANT may be used as an aquatic colorant or an aquatic spray pattern indicator. Using PROMATE LIQUID LAKE COLORANT within suggested rates will not harm fish or other animals. Swimming and other recreation sports are approved during and following the use of this product. Do not use this product in waters not completely controlled by the user, such as ponds with outflows, rivers and streams. PROMATE LIQUID LAKE COLORANT may be applied to water used for irrigation, but not for direct human consumption.

Aquatic Colorant Use:

PROMATE LIQUID LAKE COLORANT will turn off-colored water to an attractive, natural blue. Use PROMATE LIQUID LAKE COLORANT to color-contained bodies of water, including water hazards, ponds, small lakes and fountains—anywhere you need your ornamental water to be the center of attention. Determine the volume of water to be treated. Use the rate chart to find the amount of colorant to use. Vary rates accordingly for darker or lighter water color. Pour PROMATE LIQUID LAKE COLORANT from several locations near the shoreline for optimal color coverage.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

Aquatic Colorant Use Rates

Area to be Treated

4 acre feet/4934 m: 1 gal/3.78 liters