General Information

MITE-E-OIL is a special blend of refined phytobland oils that function as a contact insecticide and miticide. In addition, the surfactant/emulsifier system utilized in MITE-E-OIL improves spray application by modifying the wetting and deposition characteristics of the spray droplets.

For foliage application, the spray tank must be free of any sulfur residue before using MITE-E-OIL. Do not combine sulfur sprays with MITE-E-OIL on foliage and do not follow a previous application of sulfur or apply sulfur following MITE-E-OIL until sufficient time has elapsed for safety (at least 30 days). If in doubt, spray a portion of one tree previously treated with sulfur, using 1 quart to 25 gallons water. If sufficient time has not elapsed, burn will show in several days. When temperatures drop below 32º F (usually nighttime lows), do not spray tree and vine crops until daytime temperatures have warmed to a point above 35º F and are free from moisture due to melting frost or heavy dews. MITE-E-OIL can be used with recommended rates of other pesticides. Application to trees weakened by disease, drought, driving winds or high nitrogen applications may result in oil injury.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

CITRUS (Citrus spp., Fortunella spp.) Florida Red Scale, Purple Scale, Soft Brown Scale, Black Scale, White Flies, Red Spider Mites, Rust Mites - Concentrate spray: 2 gallons per acre if total spray volume is less than or equal to 125 gallons per acre. If total spray volume is greater than 125 gallons per acre, use a 2% volume for volume. Control of severe insect infestation may require a higher rate not to exceed 3 gallons per acre.

NOTE: Do not exceed 500 gallons per acre total spray volume. Do not use within 8 weeks of harvest on Lemons. Do not use on Navel Oranges after September 1.

ALL CITRUS VARIETIES: Do not use oil when freezing temperatures are expected within 24 hours of the application. Care should be taken in combining oil sprays with certain miticides and insecticides, due to possible increased phytotoxicity when applied over foliage. See an Agriculture Extension Service agent for recommendations on special combinations.

Restricted Entry Interval

4 hours