General Information

General Information

MACH 2 1.5G specialty insecticide can be used as directed on any turfgrass site (lawns, sod, turf areas). Examples of such sites include, but are not limited to: residential and commercial lawns, grounds or lawns around business and office complexes, shopping centers, multi-family and residential apartment complexes, airports, military and other institutions, cemeteries, parks and picnic areas, playgrounds, schools, athletic fields, golf courses, and sod farms. MACH 2 1.5G mimics the action of a natural insect hormone that induces the molting and metamorphosis process in insects. MACH 2 1.5G is highly active against grubs and lepidopterous larvae listed as target pests. MACH 2 1.5G controls listed larvae through a novel mode-of-action that starts within hours of ingestion. Actual death of larvae may take several days to occur.

Use Rate Determination

Carefully read, understand, and follow label use rates, recommendations and restrictions. Apply the amount specified in the following table with a properly calibrated granular spreader. Check calibration periodically to ensure that equipment is working properly. Avoid overlaps that will increase rates above those recommended. Failure to follow the Directions for Use and all precautions on the label may result in grass injury or poor pest control.

Application Timing

The activity of MACH 2 1.5G is expressed following ingestion by the target larvae. Consequently, the timing of application is dependent upon the feeding behavior of the target pest. Consult your local State Extension Specialists for more specific information regarding timing of applications.

To achieve optimal effectiveness, the following turf management practices are suggested:

- Minimize thatch since heavy thatch will prevent the insecticide from penetrating to the area where insects are feeding.

- Make applications prior to egg hatch or when larvae are small and actively feeding (late spring through mid summer).

- MACH 2 1.5G is not dependent upon immediate irrigation for activation; however, water must transport the material through the thatch. Under conditions of drought it is recommended to water in MACH 2 1.5G.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


MACH 2 1.5G may be used as either a preventative or an early curative treatment (see application timing instructions). Make one application at full rate.

Use of this product on “Tifdwarf” Bermudagrass greens may result in short term discoloration of the turfgrass. Since many agronomic factors may influence this response it is recommended that users treat a small area at recommended rates prior to initiating large-scale use.

For Sod Farms: Allow at least 7 days to elapse between last application and harvest of sod.

Restricted Entry Interval

12 hours