General Information


KINETIC HV is a unique and superior nonionic wetting agent especially effective in postemergent, non-selective pesticide sprays. KINETIC HV allows for the rapid spreading and absorption of pesticide sprays into the plant leaves and stems and is especially effective with water based herbicide formulations. Subject to the cautionary use statements set forth in the Directions for Use, KINETIC HV may be used with other pesticide and/or fertilizer products. Optimum application and consequent effects can be influenced by many factors. Consequently, it is recommended that careful observation of the spray deposit be made and adjuvant rates be adjusted accordingly. Applications should be made to insure thorough coverage without excessive runoff of the application spray. In general, use the lowest rate of surfactant and the lowest volume of spray water recommended on the pesticide label. KINETIC HV can positively affect pesticide spray application and pesticide efficacy. KINETIC HV is recommended for use with those pesticides whose label recommends a nonionic wetter/spreader type adjuvant.

Do not apply this product in such a manner as to directly or through drift expose workers or other persons. Do not spray pesticides if conditions of thermal inversion exist, or if wind direction and speed may cause spray drift onto adjacent areas. With both aerial and ground applications, the use of a drift control or spray deposition additive (in accordance with pesticide label directions) may reduce the potential for drift to occur. Drift minimization is the responsibility of the applicator. Consult your local and state agricultural authorities for information regarding avoiding or minimizing spray drift.



Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

AERIAL: Always use the rate recommended by the pesticide or nutrient label. This is generally within a .125% - .50% v/v concentration rate range, or 16 to 64 ounces/100 gallons of spray.

AQUATIC: KINETIC HV is cleared for use in an aquatic environment. Always use the rate recommended by the pesticide or nutrient label.

KINETIC HV is also recommended for use with non-selective herbicides and other pesticides including those used to dessicate or defoliate. Note: Do not use KINETIC HV in spray tank-mixes with Gibberellin or Gibberellic acid products to be used on any citrus crop (citrus spp., fortunella spp.) grown for fresh market.

The crop and rate guidelines are for use with pesticides whose labels recommend the use of a nonionic surfactant. Some pesticides, however, may require higher or lower surfactant rates for optimum effect. Follow the pesticide label directions when this occurs. Prior to the addition of KINETIC HV to spray tank-mixes or use with a pesticide or fertilizer where a nonionic adjuvant is not specifically recommended but not prohibited by the manufacturer, the user or application advisor must have experience with the combination or must have conducted a phytotoxicity trial.

Applications of KINETIC HV through irrigation injection systems are possible provided that recommended use rates and dilutions are maintained and local, state, and federal guidelines are followed.