General Information


Injector GT> is a proprietary blend of soil penetrants and soil, water and electrical conductivity modifying agents. It is designed to promote better absorption of irrigation water into the soil while enhancing the infiltration and penetration of water whether applied with conventional spray rig equipment or through an irrigation system.

Injector GT> also helps manage the soluble salts that affect plant performance by helping keep the net movement of salts dispersed downward away from the soil surrounding the rooting zone. Injector GT> contains a proprietary line cleaning agent that can solubilize salt and calcite deposits in spray application equipment and irrigation lines. Injector GT> is designed for soil application.

The salinity of irrigation water is reported as electrical conductivity (EC). Depending on the source, the amount of salt in irrigation water can vary considerably. Salts accumulate in soil through the application of saline irrigation water, use of fertilizers and other means. A tremendous amount of salt can be carried in irrigation water. For example, one part per million (ppm) of salt in one acre foot of water weighs approximately 2.72 pounds. Therefore, using 3.5 acre feet of 500 ppm total dissolved solid content (TDS) water to irrigate an acre results in the deposition of over 4,700 pounds of salt.

Plants extract water and leave most of the salt behind. Over a period of time, this salt concentrates in the root zone of crops. Water and salts will move up through the soil profile due to evapotranspiration unless there is adequate leaching or drainage.

To keep salt levels manageable, it is essential to keep the net movement of water and salt downward through the soil profile.


Injector GT> can be applied in a wide variety of ways. This includes its use through flood, micro-jet, sprinkler-jet and other irrigation systems. It can also be applied in conjunction with most types of liquid fertilizer. In addition, it can be applied as a soil spray. When metering Injector GT> directly into an irrigation system by means of a metering-injection pump or suction-regulated line, do not connect to an irrigation system used for chemical applications or directly to a public water system without a back-siphon prevention system in place. Always connect to such systems in accordance with local and/or state regulations.

Injector GT> can also be used to reduce calcite deposits that contribute to algae growth in irrigation or water tubing.


The best results from using Injector GT> are usually achieved utilizing multiple applications. These applications should be made in the pre-irrigation and/or germination stages of plant growth. A pre-irrigation and/or soil-leaching program is recommended prior to the application of Injector GT>. The use of Injector GT> will help diminish the effect of salts on many plant species including weeds and grasses. Therefore, a sound herbicide program is essential.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Recommendations for Use with Conventional Sprayers:

Apply at a rate of 1 to 4 ozs. per 1000 sq. ft. in a minimum of 1 gallon of water. Conventional sprayer applications should be watered in after application of Injector GT>. Repeat application each month or as required during the growing season.


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