General Information


Hydra-Blume is a soil applied water-soluble powder designed to be most effective on any crop producing a fruit for harvest such as cotton, tomato, pepper, cucumber, watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberry, grape, and tree fruit, among others.

Hydra-Blume can be applied to all soil types and pH ranges and to all watering solutions such as transplant drench, nursery soaks, or hydroponic reservoirs.

Hydra-Blume is compatible with almost all fertilizers and nutrients except those high in calcium such as CAN 17. If unfamiliar with a certain mix combination, be sure to check with your Helena Chemical Company representative for compatibility and/or perform a jar test by mixing a small amount of each product in the same ratio for application to the soil. Products containing humic acids, such as Hydra-Blume, may aid in the uptake of micronutrients. Fertilizers or nutrients with low pH may cause the humic fraction in Hydra-Blume to separate and fall out. It will be necessary to agitate the mix to obtain an even distribution of the humic fraction with no loss of efficacy.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

APPLICATION: First application of 1 – 3 gal. of Hydra-Blume per acre should be applied just prior to or at first bloom. Multiple applications of 1 gal. will optimize results.

Repeat applications should be made every 2-4 weeks depending on fruit set. In some recurring blooming crops such as strawberries, Hydra-Blume can be applied season long every two to four weeks. Hydra-Blume may be water run, side dressed, or mixed with soil applied liquid nutrients.

TANK-MIX WITH NUTRIENTS: Use 1 – 3 gal. of Hydra-Blume per acre. Mix with liquid fertilizer, agitate until homogenous, and then apply.

SPRINKLER OR DRIP IRRIGATION: Hydra-Blume works well in irrigation applications. It is advisable to inject downstream of any irrigation filter system after pushing the product through a 50 mesh or larger screen filter. DO NOT PASS THROUGH A SAND MEDIA FILTER. Hydra-Blume is not corrosive to irrigation systems.