General Information


KickStand Manganese 4% is compatible with polyphosphate and orthophosphate fertilizer solutions.

KickStand Manganese 4% is a micronutrient solution containing 4% manganese. It is designed to correct deficiencies of manganese.


SOIL APPLICATION: KickStand Manganese 4% can be applied in the soil to vegetables, fruits, row crops, deciduous fruit and nut trees, cereal grains, ornamentals and turf.

Rate of Soil Application: 1-4 quarts per acre. KickStand Manganese 4% may be mixed directly into liquid fertilizer solutions without pre-dilution with water. KickStand Manganese 4% may be applied by ground application. Use enough carrier for thorough uniform coverage of the soil.

The timing of applications are dependent on local conditions and should always be made as a result of soil and/or plant tissue analysis.