General Information


This product is intended for use by the commercial grower or commercial applicator in conventional hydraulic sprayers, concentrate application equipment, ground applicators or airplane sprayers. This product is prohibited from use in or around any structure used as a residence or domestic dwelling, or on any articles or areas associated with such structures (including household contents, home gardens, and home greenhouses); and, from any use in or around public or private buildings or structures (including recreational facilities, theaters, hotels, or other buildings used for public accommodation, or in any other commercial, industrial, or institutional building), or on any articles associated with such structures, including refuse areas, building contents and landscaping (but not including outdoor commercial ornamental tree and shrub production areas). When applying by ground equipment, use the recommended amount in sufficient water for thorough coverage: by aircraft, in 1 to 10 gallons of water unless otherwise specified. The rates of DIMETHOATE 4 EC are recommended on a per 100 gallons of dilute spray, except where indicated. Application rates applied

by concentrate methods should equal the total amount of dimethoate applied per acre on the per 100 gallon basis except where the actual concentrate rates are specified.

(If a dilute application is recommended at 1 pint per 100 gallons and it requires 400 gallons per acre for proper coverage, the concentrate rate would equal 4 pints per acre). The optimum spray gallonage is dependent on tree size, density and growth stage. Typical spray gallonages per acre range from, but are not limited to 100-600 gallons for dilute spray, 20-100 gallons for concentrate and 1-25 gallons for aerial. Do not apply when weather conditions favor drift of spray from areas treated. Repeat applications as necessary unless otherwise specified.

Consult your state experiment station or state extension service for proper timing of applications.

DIMETHOATE 4 EC is compatible in spray tank-mixes with most insecticides, miticides, and fungicides, provided they are not alkaline in reaction. DIMETHOATE 4 EC has systemic and contact activity against a broad spectrum of piercing, sucking and chewing insects. For proper mixing, spray tank should be at least 3/4 filled with water before adding DIMETHOATE 4 EC. Mechanical agitation or recirculation through pump bypass to tank is usually sufficient for maintaining a good dispersion. Spray tank-mixtures of DIMETHOATE 4 EC with fertilizers that are alkaline should be applied immediately.

All spray mixes should be made in accordance with the product that has the more restrictive label limitations and precautions.

Dimethoate may produce a distinctive odor during the spray operation, but under normal conditions this odor does not persist.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


DIMETHOATE 4 EC is effective in controlling many sucking, piercing and chewing insects that attack valuable ornamental plantings. Apply sprays uniformly and thoroughly to foliage, except as otherwise directed, when insects or their damage is first observed. Repeat applications as needed. Do not overdose or overspray. Use only on the ornamental plants listed.

IMPORTANT - When making soil injections, use a low pressure soil injection device. DO NOT inject into soil areas where children or pets may dig or exhume treated soil. Do not make soil injections within 20 feet of edible crop gardens.

A small test area should always be sprayed first before general use. Do not use on any ornamental stock plants grown as a source of propagation material, such as cuttings, layers, root stocks or scions for grafting or budding. Do not use in spray mixtures containing oil. Do not use on ornamental plants grown in greenhouses, shade houses, Christmas tree and conifer plantations, landscapes, interiorscapes and residential, public, recreational, commercial, industrial and institutional establishments.


Pinyon \"Pitch Mass\" Borer, Pinyon Spindle Gall Midge, Tip Moth - Soil injection: Use a 1:3 dilution. Apply using a lowpressure injector. Inject 1 1/2 fl. ozs. of dilution, 6 inches below ground surface, for each 1 inch of trunk diameter. Make insertions within dripline of tree. For Spindle Gall Midge and Tip Moth, apply in mid to late spring. For Pinyon Borer make application in early summer.

Restricted Entry Interval

48 hours