General Information


PINENE II is an extender and sticker designed to extend the life of pesticides. It may be used with all pesticide products and soluble fertilizers.

This product forms a durable film that holds a pesticide on the crop foliage. This shield reduces the effects of environmental factors, which may decrease the effectiveness of pesticides.


This product will not foam, or clog nozzles. It may be applied by aerial, ground or concentrate sprayer. It enhances the initial pesticide application to give complete coverage.

This product prevents the removal of the pesticide from the leaf surface by rainfall and wind. It screens the pesticide spray residue from ultraviolet rays which often cause pesticide degradation. Pesticide volatilization is minimized by the protective shield.

Under most conditions, apply sprays containing this product and allow at least one hour of daylight before an anticipated rain. Sunlight for this time period is required for the protective shield to set.


To ensure good emulsification, pre-mix this product with water before adding to spray tank. Add this product to the spray tank as the last ingredient, as the spray tank is filling, with the agitator running. Always rinse tank, lines and nozzles with water immediately after spraying. After rinsing, a small amount of sticky residue may remain in the spray tank. This residue can help to prevent rust and corrosion and will not clog nozzles when sprayer is next used. If spray drift sets down on unintended surfaces, it can be removed with soap and water, before the spray residue is dry or with premium grade kerosene after the film has dried. To remove dried deposits from painted car surfaces, use standard tar remover products designed for use on painted car finishes.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

Pears: Use 2 pints per acre on Pears prior to cluster bud in no less than 200 gallons of water.

This product used at the rate of 4 fluid ounces per acre enhances the sticking activity of insecticides and fungicides. This product used at the rate of 8 fluid ounces per acre provides some extension of most insecticides and fungicides.

Use in spray tank combination with insecticides and fungicides. Do not apply this product to food crops within 30 days of harvest except as follows: This product can be used with copper fungicides, Bacillus thuringiensis products and other tolerance exempt pesticides on food crops up to harvest.

Note: Use of this product with tolerance exempt pesticides close to harvest may result in visible residues on crops which may render the crops unsalable. If this is a potential problem, the rate of this product should be reduced or this product should not be used close to harvest. Do not apply to food crops within 30 days of harvest, when Bacillus thuringiensis products are combined in the spray tank with other insecticides.