General Information


PAS-800 is a non-ionic surfactant and when used as a surfactant, enhances activity and the effectiveness of agricultural chemicals such as acaricides, defoliants, desiccants, fungicides, foliar nutrients, herbicides, insecticides and plant growth regulators. When this product is used as a penetrant, a more uniform coverage is provided by decreasing surface tension of spray solutions. This product can be used as an acidifier to lower pH of spraying solutions to prevent alkaline hydrolysis of pesticides sensitive to high pH.


PAS-800 may be used on a wide variety of crops including but not limited to fruits, vegetables, row crops, citrus, small grains, forage crops, vine crops, turf or in non-crop sites, forestry (site preparation and release), industrial (storage areas, plant sites, and other similar areas including governmental and private lands), grasslands (including pastures, rangeland and fence rows), rights-of-way (utility, railroad and roadsides), turf (golf courses, parks and sod farms) and ornamentals (container, field or greenhouse).

Application may be done by ground or aerial equipment. For all applications of this product, read and follow the “Directions for Use” on the pesticide(s) label(s). Always refer to the pesticide and additive label(s) for additional directions or precautions. Follow the most restrictive label. Prior to use with any pesticide, all spray mixing and application equipment should be thoroughly cleaned. Observe all cleaning instructions on the label(s) of the pesticide(s) to be used. The use of test areas is recommended where field or use experience is limited. Do not add adjuvant to a level that exceeds 5% of the finished spray volume.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


- Apply 1 to 3 ounces per 5 gallons of spray mixture. All ornamentals and turf species have not been tested with this product. Before treating a large area, test on a small area and observe for 48 hours prior to full scale application.