General Information


PRIMARY is a superior blend of special emulsifier-surfactants and highly refined spray oil that is designed for use with a broad range of pesticides where an oil concentrate adjuvant is recommended. This product may be used at rates of 0.25 to 0.75% v/v with herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, fertilizers and micronutrients. The addition of this product to a spray tank improves pesticide applications by modifying wetting and contact activity of the spray, enhancing penetration and providing uniform deposition of spray deposit to the leaf surface. This product contains anti-foam to suppress foam development in the tank mix combinations.


This product may be used with products registered for: Agricultural, Industrial, Forestry Site Prep, Municipal, Non-cropland, Utility and Roadside rights-of-way, Ornamentals, Turf and other uses. The addition of an adjuvant to some pesticides or tank mix combinations may cause phytotoxicity to foliage or fruit of susceptible crops.

Refer to the label of the tank mixture partner(s) for any additional use instructions or restrictions. Always follow the most restrictive label.

This product may be applied by high or low volume ground, aerial or any type of equipment recommended by pesticide labels. Not for aquatic use.

Pesticide: Follow pesticide label(s) for use rates and instructions.