General Information

General Information

Ronilan EG fungicide is a contact fungicide for use in canola.


A chemical barrier of Ronilan EG must be established and maintained to achieve effective disease control. For diseases that infect above-ground plant parts, thorough spray coverage of the plant parts to be protected is essential.

Fungicide Resistance

Ronilan EG is a dicarboximide fungicide. Resistance development to other dicarboximides, such as Rovral fungicide, may result in resistance to Ronilan EG. Therefore, do not extend the total number of applications per crop on the label with Rovral.

Do not tank mix Ronilan EG with Rovral.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Ronilan EG fungicide may be applied using a single application or split application programs depending on the uniformity of crop development.

Ronilan EG per acre is recommended at 20-50% flower. This will normally be about 4-8 days after the beginning of flowering.

When stands are uneven and crop development is not uniform, two applications of 8 ounces of Ronilan EG per acre is recommended. The first application should be made when the average bloom is 20-30% and the second application when the average bloom is 50%. Performance of the 8 ounce per acre rate of Ronilan EG will be less than satisfactory if it is not followed by a second application of 8 ounces.

When applying Ronilan EG with ground equipment, use a minimum of 20 gallons of water per acre.

Restricted Entry Interval

7 days