General Information


Use low rate under light to moderate infestation. Higher rates should be used under heavy insect pressure. The rate of application is variable according to insect pressure, timing of spray and field scouting.

Preventive Use

For cutworm, armyworm, or stalk borer control, Mustang Max EC insecticide may be applied before, during, or after planting. For soil-incorporated applications, use higher rates for improved control.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Apply as required by scouting. Timing and frequency of applications should be based upon insect populations reaching locally determined economic threshold levels.

Apply by ground or air equipment using sufficient water to obtain full coverage of foliage (minimum of 10 gallons by ground and 2 gallons by air).

The addition of one to two quarts of emulsified oil per acre to the spray solution may improve spray deposition and insect control.

For chinch bug control, begin applications when bugs migrate from small grains or grass weeds to small sorghum. Direct spray to the base of plants with sufficient spray volume to penetrate the soil/stem interface, leaf collars, and sheaths.

Follow appropriate spray drift precautions on the label.

Do not make applications less than 10 days apart.

Aphid control may be variable depending on species present and host-plant relationships.

Lesser Cornstalk Borer: For control before the larva bores into the plant stalk.

Whitefly: Aids in Control

Pre-Harvest Interval

14 days

Restricted Entry Interval

12 hours