RAPESEED/CANOLA - Cabbage weevils & aphids, flea beetles, & diamondback moth

General Information

Add the concentrate to the spray tank while filling with water, and mix thoroughly either by means of a tank agitator or pump by-pass. For best results, thoroughly cover all surfaces to be treated with spray. Rates of application given below should not be exceeded. Never apply later than indicated to assure residue levels at harvest are below tolerance established by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Consult the State Agricultural Extension Service or Experiment Station for specific recommendations regarding application, dosage and timing of spray. For application by ground equipment, add the desired amount of concentrate to sufficient water to apply at least 3 gallons of water per acre. For application by aircraft, add the amount of concentrate desired per acre to 1 to 3 gallons of water consistent with crop growth and good coverage.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

RAPESEED/CANOLA - Cabbage weevils & aphids, flea beetles, & diamondback moth

Cabbage seedpod weevils: Make first application when two or more insects can be found per plant

on young pods.

Flea beetles, & cabbage aphids: Treat in early season when significant evidence of shot holing by the adults becomes evident on the seedlings.

Diamondback moth larvae: Treat about mid-growing season when populations reach damaging

levels and there is evidence of appreciable feeding beginning on the flowers and / or pods.

Do not graze treated fields or feed treated forage or threshings to livestock. Apply by ground or air in sufficient water for coverage (minimum of 3 gallons per acre by air).

To protect pollinators apply only in the evening or early mornings (this includes a period from 3 hours before sunset until 3 hours after sunrise of the following day) NOTE - In OREGON- apply product only in the evening (this includes a period from 3 hours before sunset until midnight of the same day).

In WASHINGTON: This product cannot be applied to blossoming canola except under the following conditions:

1.) The field to be treated is at the end of the blossom period with no more than 10% bloom remaining.

2.) The application may only be made in the evening from three hours before sunset to midnight, and only if bees are not foraging in the field to be treated at the time of application and are not expected to be foraging in the treated field for the remainder of that day.

Do not use undiluted form.

Do not apply this product through any type of irrigation system.

Pre-Harvest Interval

28 days

Restricted Entry Interval

4 days