General Information


PROTECT DF TURF AND ORNAMENTAL FUNGICIDE is a dry-flowable containing a coordination product of zinc ion and manganese ethylenebisdithiocarbamate, and is recommended for use as a spray for the control of many important plant diseases. When used according to directions, it provides very high fungicidal activity and can be safely used on both turf grasses and certain ornamentals. PROTECT DF provides control of most common turfgrass diseases and it is also effective in controlling major fungus diseases of certain ornamentals. Diseases of turf grasses and ornamentals can attack suddenly and unexpectedly causing severe damage and may even result in total loss of large areas of valuable turf grass and ornamental plants. The use of a regular protective spray program will minimize the risk of disease damage and can generally be accomplished with lower rates and less frequent fungicide applications. Once diseases have become established, higher rates of fungicide and more frequent applications are required to bring them under control. Follow a regular protective program for maximum product performance.


TO MIX: Slowly add PROTECT DF into 1/2 filled spray tank while the agitator is running to form a well-mixed suspension. Continuous agitation is recommended to keep the material in proper suspension. For best results, use spray mixture the same day it is prepared.

FOR AERIAL APPLICATION: Use at rate indicated in sufficient water for thorough coverage or a minimum of 2 gallons per acre. Use a spreader-sticker, such as Cleary’s Clearspray, at label recommended rates for the desired use as needed. Add product slowly to water in the spray tank with agitation or premix thoroughly in separate holding tank for concentrate or aircraft sprayers. Follow similar mixing order instructions as stated above for best results. Continuous agitation is required to keep the product in suspension.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

PROTECT DF provides excellent protective activity and is most effective when applied prior to infection periods. To improve performance, add 2-4 oz. of an effective spreader-sticker, such as Cleary’s Clearspray, per 100 gallons of spray. Depending upon the life cycle of the listed pathogens, begin spraying either preventatively at bud swell or at bud break, and continue throughout the growing season, or curatively at first sign of disease. Apply at 7-21 day intervals throughout the season as disease development conditions persist, or follow State Extension Service recommendations for specific disease control practices. Do not use edible portions of any listed plant for food or feed purposes.

The Directions for Use of this product and the list of ornamental plants given on the label reflect cumulative inputs from both field use experience and product testing programs. However, it is impossible to test this product on all ornamental plant species and cultivars. Before treating any ornamental plant for prevention of infection from a listed pathogen, a preliminary trial is suggested on a small scale before a full treatment is applied. Wait 5-7 days after treatment to evaluate trial results.

Azaleas, Camellias, Rhododendron - Petal Blight: Spray 2-3 times a week while flowers are opening. Direct spray into flowers and spray ground under plants thoroughly.

Chrysanthemum - Botrytis Petal Spot:Apply in full coverage spray twice weekly during the blooming season.

Dogwood, Flowering - Anthracnose: Apply when buds begin to open, when bracts have fallen, 4 weeks later, and again in late summer after flower buds for next season are formed.

Fern - Anthracnose: Apply 2-3 times weekly as needed through chemigation or air blast spray to thoroughly wet the entire plant canopy. PROTECT DF may be tank-mixed with 3336 WP/WSP or other systemic products as recommended by local extension services for enhanced control.

Pachysandra - Volutella Blight: Use a drenching spray of 3 - 4 lbs. per 100 gallons of water applied to 10,000-sq. ft. of bed area. Start application at first sign of disease and make at least 5 applications at 10-14 day intervals.

Peony - Phytophthora Blight, Botrytis Blight:Apply in early spring and early fall, drenching soil around plants as well as foliage. Promptly destroy all infected plant parts.

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