General Information


PROCURE 480SC is a broad-spectrum foliar fungicide for control of certain diseases of certain fruits and vegetables listed within this product labeling. PROCURE 480SC is active as a protectant and as an eradicant by preventing disease symptoms after infection has occurred. It's anti-sporulant activity reduces spores after lesions become visible.

Read the entire label and directions before using PROCURE 480SC.


PROCURE 480SC can be applied with dilute or concentrate ground equipment. Aerial applications for tree fruits can be made in accordance with use directions noted for each crop. Equipment should be frequently checked for calibration. Apply PROCURE 480SC in sufficient water to ensure complete and thorough coverage of foliage, bloom and fruit.

Use higher specified application rates on more susceptible varieties and/or under higher disease pressure.

Consult your State Agricultural Experimental Station or Extension Service Specialist for guidance on selection of specific dosage rates and timing of application appropriate to your specific crop and area conditions. State regulations may contain additional restrictions or requirements.


Do not allow livestock to graze on treated orchard ground cover.

Aerial application of PROCURE 480SC is allowed unless prohibited under a specific crop use direction. Do not apply this product through any type of irrigation system.

RESISTANCE MANAGEMENT: Populations of fungal pathogens are known to develop resistance to fungicides with the same mode of action when used repeatedly. Thus, MacDermid Agricultural Solutions encourages responsible resistance management to ensure an effective long-term control of diseases. Resistance management strategies include alternating and/or tank mixing with other labeled fungicides having different modes of action or limiting the total number of applications per season.

PROCURE 480SC belongs to the demethylation inhibitor (DMI) group of fungicides classified as Group 3. Do not make more than two sequential applications of PROCURE 480SC before alternating to a registered fungicide with a different mode of action. Consult your local or state agricultural authorities for resistance management strategies that are appropriate for your disease management program.

RESTRICTIONS ON ROTATIONAL CROPS: Do not plant leafy or fruiting vegetables within 30 days after application. Do not plant root and tuber vegetables within 60 days after application. Do not plant cotton, small cereal grains and all other crops not registered on the label for PROCURE 480SC, within one year after application.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Use PROCURE 480SC as a pre-plant seed piece material treatment to control butt rot in pineapples.


Apply PROCURE 480SC at 4-16 fl oz in 100 gallons of water as a planting material dip treatment. Freshly removed seed material used for immediate planting should be immersed within 12 hours of removal for thorough wetting and coverage. Use a higher label rate under moderate to severe disease pressure. Do not use treated green forage or green fodder for animal feed.

Restricted Entry Interval

24 hours


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