General Information

Minimum Guarantee
ACTIVE: 1 x 10-7% lipo-chitooligosaccharide in an aqueous carrier and Bradyrhizobium sp minimum guarantee of 2 x 109 viable cells per gram

Directions For Use

1. Clean the liquid system with a cleaning solution – Dyna-Start Max is a biological product, which may be sensitive to chemical residues.

2. Convert the sprayer to in-furrow application.
Remove spray tips and replace with appropriate flow regulator “orifice discs.” Proper orifice disc number may be determined from spraying manual. The objective is to obtain a solid stream of liquid into the furrow. Place spraying assembly behind the seed planting assembly so that the solid stream of product will flow into the furrow and on the seed. Dyna-Start Max should be on the seed and in the furrow before it closes, not to the side nor above or below the seed.

3. How to empty package and mix.
Shake well. Fill clean spray tank half full with clean, non-chlorinated water. Pull the Dyna-Start Max package from the carton, remove the cap and inner seal and empty into the cleaned spray tank. For rapid dispensing, hold the Dyna-Start Max package over the spray tank and cut the corner of the bag. Add remainder of clean, non-chlorinated water to spray tank to the appropriate solution level. Dyna- Start Max will be mixed with this procedure and does not require agitation to remain in suspension. Use the diluted product within 24 hours. Do not allow the diluted tank mix to exceed 100 ºF.

4. Application rate/unit coverage.
The Dyna-Start Max concentrate is applied in-furrow at a rate of 1.0 fl oz/1000 feet of row. The quantity of Dyna-Start Max applied per acre varies depending upon the row width. The measurement chart provides the recommended rate of Dyna-Start Max per acre and also indicates the number of acres treated with each Dyna-Start Max unit. Dyna-Start Max concentrate must be diluted with clean, cool, non-chlorinated water and applied with a liquid system. The application of the diluted liquid should be approximately 3.0 to 20.0 gallons/acre based on equipment used and soil moisture.

Calibrate sprayer to deliver correct amount.

5. Adverse conditions.
Hot/dry soil: Minimize the harmful effects of hot/dry soil on the product by applying water as soon as possible (irrigated land). Pivot irrigation – begin the irrigation on the peanuts that were planted first.

Flooded/waterlogged soil: Dyna-Start Max may not perform as well in flooded or waterlogged soil.