General Information

BLACK LABEL® ZN contains humic acids extracted from Leonardite ore. These humic acids are then combined with liquid plant nutrients in a patented reaction process. BLACK LABEL ZN contains nitrogen, available phosphate, and humic acids. BLACK LABEL ZN may be placed 1 to 2 inches below seeds or directly injected into root system because the product is non-phytotoxic. BLACK LABEL ZN is designed for use in all soil types. It should be concentrated for maximum response. Apply it as a band in the soil or inject it through drip or micro-sprinkler systems. Application rates will vary depending on the crop grown. BLACK LABEL ZN is an effective foliar nutrient when mid or late season phosphate levels fall below optimum values. Multiple applications may be beneficial. Applications should be made at night or early in the morning. When used as directed this product does not supply all nutrients required by plants and is to supplement a soil fertility program based on soil tests.

Purpose Statement: To aid in plant development by increasing root availability of mineral nutrients and condition soil.

CAUTION: Always check compatibility with other products prior to use. Do not mix with conventional calcium based fertilizers. BLACK LABEL ZN is not compatible with conventional products containing the salts of heavy metals.

Brass, copper and galvanized metals may be subject to mild corrosion from prolonged or repeated contact with this product.

BLACK LABEL ZN can be applied alone or with other compatible spray materials. Ammonium polyphosphate fertilizers tend to be more compatible than orthophosphate types. Including some polyphosphate in the mixture often improves compatibility of orthophosphates.

Proposed mixtures should be evaluated in a jar test before full scale use. Fertilizer based mixtures that also contain pesticides should be sprayed as soon as possible.

Note: When combining BLACK LABEL ZN with phosphate fertilizers vigorous agitation is required for good product mixing. See mixing directions below for more information.

This product has been tested on a number of crop varieties with no phytotoxicity observed at labeled rates; however, this product has not been tested on all varieties and cultivars. Due to the large number of plant species and their associated varieties or cultivars, and due to variable growing conditions, it is impossible to test every plant for tolerance to this product. It is the responsibility of the user to determine if this product can be used safely prior to commercial use. In a small test area, test the specified rates on plants for phytotoxicity prior to general use. Before using any tank mix, test the combination on a small portion of the crop to be treated to ensure that a phytotoxic response will not occur as a result of application. Treat a small group of target crop including plant cultivars and evaluate for 3 to 7 days prior to making an application to your entire crop.

BLACK LABEL ZN mixes easily with water, as follows:

1. Partially fill tank with water and start agitation.

2. Add pesticides or other nutrients. BLACK LABEL ZN is compatible with micronutrients if used at a minimum of 8 parts to 1 part micronutrient.

3. Add BLACK LABEL ZN to circulating tank mix.

4. Fill tank and agitate thoroughly.