General Information


DO NOT use CheckMate NOW-F from damaged, punctured, or unsealed containers. Use piston, diaphragm, or centrifugal pumps ONLY. DO NOT use roller or gear pumps as they will damage the CheckMate NOW-F controlled release system. For best results, apply immediately after mixing. Do not let stand prior to application without thoroughly mixing again. Do not apply this product through any type of irrigation system. Ground Equipment: Apply CheckMate NOW-F in sufficient water for uniform coverage. Do not apply to point of runoff. Apply to foliage directly. Aerial Equipment: Apply CheckMate NOW-F in sufficient water for uniform coverage.

APPLICATION NOTES: Reapply as needed based on insect monitoring and field scouting programs. Use approved stickers for improved adherence to the leaf surface and protection from rainfall. In the event of rain, re-treatment is encouraged if approved stickers are not used. This product is not recommended in orchards with overhead irrigation. This product only affects adult male moths and will have not effect on female moths, eggs or larvae. If application occurs following biofix or during the growing season, the field must be treated with insecticide treatments that will effectively control hatching larvae until egg laying by previously mated female moths has ceased to occur. In moderate to high insect pressure situations, supplemental insecticide applications during the season can prove necessary to provide adequate protection to the developing crop. These supplemental insecticide applications are to be made based on trap monitoring, field scouting, and appropriate degree-day models for the local growing area and must be timed to control emerging larvae.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

METHOD OF APPLICATION: To disrupt mating of the Navel Orange Worm on almond, pistachio, fig, walnuts and other crops where the Navel Orange Worm is a pest apply CheckMate NOW-F at 1.5 fluid ounces (44.4 ml) product (0.5 g/a.i./acre) per acre to 12.0 fluid ounces (354.8 ml) product (4.0 g/a.i./acre). [Alternate: single numbers or different ranges between 1 g/a.i./acre and 4 g/a.i./acre may be used]. Do not exceed 449 fluid ounces (13,278 ml) product/acre/year (150 g/a.i./acre/year).

Restricted Entry Interval

4 hours


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