General Information

AWAKEN 16-0-2 is a plant nutrient solution that contains ACA, an agricultural crop additive, as well as other plant nutrients. It will not by itself provide all the nutrients normally required by crops.

AWAKEN 16-0-2 is intended for mixing or blending with other fertilizer materials to produce fertilizers whose total primary nutrient guarantees equal or exceed 24%.

Brass, Copper and galvanized metals may be subject to mild corrosion from prolonged or repeat contact with this product.

Ammonium polyphosphate fertilizers tend to be more compatible with AWAKEN 16-0-2 than are orthophosphate types.

Including some polyphosphate in the mixture often improves compatibility of orthophosphates. Proposed mixtures should be evaluated in a jar test before full scale use. Fertilizer based mixtures that also contain pesticides should be sprayed as soon as possible.

Note: When combining AWAKEN 16-0-2 with phosphate fertilizers vigorous agitation is required for good product mixing.

See mixing directions below for more information.

For certain uses, such as in-furrow injection, AWAKEN 16-0-2 is often used undiluted. Depending on desired row spacing, flow rate and other factors, dilution with water may be desirable. Mix only enough material for use on the day of application.

In combination with water based mixtures, nitrogen solutions, or pesticides, mix as follows:

1) Fill mixing tank about ½ full with water.

2) Start agitation and add required amount of AWAKEN 16-0-2.

3) Finish filling tank with water and pesticide. Continue agitation until tank is emptied. Apply the spray mixture as soon as possible and avoid storing for prolonged periods.

Note: When combining AWAKEN 16-0-2 with phosphate fertilizers, mix as follows:

1) Add a small amount of fertilizer to the mixing tank.

2) Start bypass agitation, then add the required amount of AWAKEN 16-0-2, and vigorously agitate until it is completely mixed into solution.

3) Add remaining phosphate fertilizer and continue agitation until tank is emptied. When phosphate fertilizers are combined with AWAKEN 16-0-2, bypass agitation alone does not provide sufficient agitation to ensure a good product mixture. Remove in line strainers on the suction side of the pump when combining AWAKEN 16-0-2 with phosphate fertilizers.

For applications such as side dress, AWAKEN 16-0-2 can be mixed with many starter fertilizers. Check compatibility of specific combinations before use. Using at least 5.0 to 10.0 gallons of liquid fertilizer per acre generally results in best compatibility.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

In-Furrow Injection Application to Soil: Apply at the rate of 1.5 to 2.0 quarts per acre at planting. In order to deliver the recommended amount, injection equipment must be calibrated using the same mixture that will be applied. Consult equipment manufacturer’s literature for calibration procedure. If pesticides are added, check compatibility and follow label precautions and directions for each product used. Be sure to calibrate using the same mixture that will be applied. Injection pump units for planter or drill mounting are available from Custom Ag Products, Inc.; Benson, Minnesota.