General Information

Mixing Sprays: Fill the spray tank about 1/3 full of water and with agitator running, add the required amount of Basic Copper 53. Keep agitator running while adding the remaining water and any other products to the spray tank. Continue agitation until spraying is finished and tank has been emptied. When mixed with other products proven or known to be compatible, generally add wettable powders first, followed in order by flowables, followed by emulsifiable concentrates.

Applying Spray Mixture: On most crops, sprays can be applied with conventional dilute sprays in aerial application unless specifically prohibited on the label. Recommended use rates are generally stated in lbs. of Basic Copper 53 per acre sprayed. When using each type of sprayer, follow that equipment manufacturer's recommendation, or that of the State Extension Service for the volume of spray water per acre on each crop. Mix the recommended lbs. of Basic Copper 53 for each crop in sufficient spray water for thorough coverage of the crop to be sprayed. The following spray volumes are general suggestions for use.

For Conventional dilute spray: Apply spray to point of spray run- off. On vegetable and field crops this is usually 100 or more gallons per acre and 250 to about 1000 gallons per acre for fruits and nuts depending on tree type, size and foliage.

For concentrate spray: On vegetable and field crops, use 5 or more gallons spray per acre, and on fruit and nut trees use 25 or more gallons per acre.

For aerial spray: Use 3 to 15 gallons per acre. Note: Be sure aerial application spray concentration will not harm foliage.

Basic Copper 53 can be applied up to day of harvest.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

Minimum Days Retreatment Interval: 7

Begin applications at first sign of flowering and repeat on a weekly schedule until just before harvest. Apply in sufficient water for thorough coverage.

Restricted Entry Interval

48 hours

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