General Information

Pond Saver is a concentrated microbial product containing a minimum of 1 billion CFU's (colony forming units) per gram of a proprietary blend of bacteria that quickly biodegrade the nutrients, organic matter and hydrocarbons in water that contribute to sludge, clouding and foul odors. The bacteria in Pond Saver are naturally-occurring strains that have NOT been genetically engineered. These bacteria were selected for their natural ability to quickly clean and deodorize nutrient- rich waters. Pond Saver is a natural, biodegradable product and is nontoxic to plants, humans or animals, including fish. Pond Saver:

- Improves water clarity and quality

- Reduces sludge and organic sediment buildup

- Controls sulfur odors


If the pond is severely overpopulated with algae, correct this problem first before using Pond Saver, either by physically removing the surface algae, or by use of an EPA-registered algaecide. Note that chemical algaecides may kill or inhibit the Pond Saver bacteria. If an algaecide is used, allow adequate time for the algaecide levels to diminish (1 week in most cases) before applying Pond Saver. When applying Pond Saver after algaecide use, be sure to start with the higher initial application rate.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

For Large Ponds

Apply 3 pounds of Pond Saver per acre-foot of water (325,000 gallon). Mix the product with pond water and pour into the shallow areas along the water's edge. Repeat application with a lower dose (1/2 pound per acre-foot) every 2 to 4 weeks as needed. Alternatively, drop Pond Saver WS water-soluble packs into the shallow water along the edge, spacing them apart equally. One packet handles about 54,000 gallons. Wait 2-weeks before evaluating.


- Water temperature must exceed 55°F.

- Product works best when pH of water is between 5 and 9.

- Aeration dramatically increases product effectiveness, and may be required in still or stagnant waters. Good aeration methods include bubblers, waterfalls, or fountains.

- Do not use chemical treatments while using Pond Saver, because the bacteria may be killed by the chemicals. (Pond colorants are usually safe for simultaneous use)

- Chlorinated water will inhibit bacterial growth if chlorine concentration is high enough. (Tap water is usually acceptable)

- Pond water treated with Pond Saver is safe for irrigation of plants.

- In areas having no winter season, apply the initial dose every 6 months.

- UV light treatments and ozone treatments will kill the bacteria in Pond Saver.


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