General Information

PHC Palm Saver 6-3-6 is an exceptional planting product used in establishing or maintaining palms and tropical plants. It contains a blend of VA endomycorrhizal fungal spores, beneficial rhizosphere bacteria, 6-3-6 biofertilizer, organic amendments, and a comprehensive selection of micronutrients designed to restore soil fertility and address the mineral requirements common to tropical plants. Palm Saver also containts Myconate, a naturally occurring stimulant of VA mycorrhizal fungi.

PHC Palm Saver:

- Provides a sustainable supply of nitrogen, phosphorus and other basic minerals necessary for continuing active plant development

- Increases absorption and transfer of water and mineral nutrients from the soil to the plant

- Helps plants mitigate adverse environmental conditions, such as drought, soil salinity and extremes of soil pH

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Mix PHC Palm Saver in the backfill around the root ball in the upper 3 to 4 inches of soil. For each 1 foot diameter of planting hole, use 12 ounces (4 scoops or 2 packets) of PHC Palm Saver.