General Information


It is CRITICAL that PB-ROPE L is applied as directed.


- Twist dispensers securely around the main stem near the bottom of the plant or to stakes placed uniformly within the treated field. Dispensers twisted too tightly can constrict stem growth. Avoid placing dispensers in contact with the soil.

- Apply immediately prior to moth emergence in the field or adjoining area.

- Dispensers must be applied uniformly throughout the treated acreage to obtain a reduction in mating.

Timing - Attach dispensers at pinsquare in cotton (first flower bud formation in okra). Consult your local pest control advisor or Pacific Biocontrol representative for proper timing or estimated dispenser longevity in your area.

Note - PB-Rope L suppresses mating of target pest. Immigration of mated female moths of this species from adjacent external sources of infestation will reduce the level of control.

Manage by:

- Treatment of external sources of infestation with PB-Rope L.

- Treatment of external sources of infestation with an effective insecticide.

- Treatment of pheromone treated orchard with insecticide.

Areawide application is most effective. Supplementary applications of insecticide are advised when PBRope L is used in fields with high pest populations. All pests must be monitored so that timely intervention with insecticides is possible.