General Information


Not for use on home lawns.

One water-soluble packet is equivalent to 1 pound of product, which equals 1/2 pound of active ingredient.

Quali-Pro Oxadiazon 50 WSB is a preemergent herbicide for control of many broadleaf weeds and annual grasses in turf and on a variety of woody ornamental shrubs and trees. Quali-Pro Oxadiazon 50 WSB controls weeds by killing the seedlings of young weeds as they come in contact with the herbicide during germination.

Make applications with a properly calibrated sprayer that will apply the spray solution uniformly. Uniform application is essential for satisfactory weed control. Calibrate the sprayer before using, according to the manufacturer’s directions, and check the equipment daily to assure that it is working properly.

Application Rates: Do not use more than 12 pounds (12 packets) of product per acre per year except in areas where there is heavy weed infestation. In areas of heavy weed infestation, the maximum application rate is 16 pounds (16 packets) of product per acre per year. Do not apply more than 8 pounds (8 packets) of product per acre per application.

Wherever a range of application rates are listed on the label (for example: “4-6 water-soluble packets”), use higher rates of Quali- Pro Oxadiazon 50 WSB where heavy weed pressure is anticipated, or where medium- or fine-textured soils exist. Soil textures are defined as follows:

- Coarse: Sand, sandy loam, loamy sand

- Medium: Loam, silt loam, silt

- Fine: Sandy clay loam, silty clay loam, clay loam, sandy clay, silty clay, clay

Lower rates may be used on light (coarse) texture, low organic matter (< 1.0% OM) soils; however, these guidelines are intended as general information only. Consult the list of annual grasses and broadleaf weeds below for rates used to control specific weeds.

When a range of spray volumes is recommended, use a sufficient amount to ensure adequate spray coverage under your use conditions. Generally, larger plants require larger volumes.


Each Quali-Pro Oxadiazon 50 WSB water-soluble bag is sealed within a plastic outer sleeve. Do not break the seal until ready to use. Open the end of the outer sleeve by tearing it along the printed solid line. Note: Do not use a knife or other sharp object to break the seal. Once the outer protective sleeve is opened, the water-soluble bag inside can be dropped into the spray tank at the appropriate time without touching the bag.


- Do not allow the empty outer sleeve or the tear-strip to fall into the spray tank. They are not water soluble and could clog the sprayer.

- Do not handle the inner bag with wet gloves, as the bag will begin to dissolve on contact. This can occur with even a small amount of water.

- Do not open the inner bags, and do not attempt to remove the product from them. The water-soluble packet is not to be subdivided or re-measured.

- Do not open the PVA bag. A partial bag should not be used for a tank mix.

- Use the entire contents of the water-soluble bag.

Do not permit domestic animals to graze treated areas. Avoid contamination of water that is intended for irrigation and domestic use.

State specific Restrictions:

The state of Arizona has not approved this product for use on agricultural sites. Do not use this product on uses considered by the Arizona statutes to be agricultural uses.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Apply Quali-Pro Oxadiazon 50 WSB before weed seed germination as an over-the-top spray only on those ornamentals on the label.

Use Rates: Apply Quali-Pro Oxadiazon 50 WSB as a broadcast spray in a minimum of 50 gallons of water per acre to established ornamentals using 4 water-soluble packets per acre. Remove all existing weed growth before applying. Applications should not be made within 60 days of transplanting. Do not apply with drift-control agents or adjuvants. Sprinkle irrigate within 2 hours after applying this product; otherwise, crop injury may result.

CROP TOLERANCE: Quali-Pro Oxadiazon 50 WSB may be used as an over-the-top spray only on the ornamental species listed.

PRECAUTION: Roundup is not recommended as an over-the-top spray on ornamentals. Exercise extreme care to avoid contact of spray containing Roundup with foliage, green bark, stems, or bare roots of desirable turfgrasses, shrubs, trees, or other desirable vegetation since severe damage or destruction may result. If spraying a tank mix with Roundup on areas adjacent to desirable plants, use a shield made of plyboard, cardboard, or sheet metal while spraying to help prevent spray from contacting foliage of desirable plants.


- Common Groundsel, Evening Primrose, Galinsoga, Swinecress, Barnyardgrass: Use 6 to 8 water-soluble packets of this product per acre.

- Liverwort, Prostrate Spurge, Goosegrass : Use 8 water-soluble packets of this product per acre.

- Not currently registered in California for use on Annual Bluegrass, Annual Sedge, Bristly Oxtongue, Cheeseweed, Fiddleneck, Fireweed, Ripgut Bromegrass, Shepardspurse, Sow Thistle, and Wild Oats.

Restricted Entry Interval

12 hours