General Information



State Specific Restrictions:

The state of Arizona has not approved this product for use on agricultural sites. Do not use this product on uses considered by the Arizona statutes to be agricultural uses.

Quali-Pro Myclobutanil 20EW T&O fungicide is a systemic, protectant, and curative fungicide for the control of specific diseases listed on the label in established turfgrass (including but not limited to residential and commercial lawns, ornamental turf, grounds, or lawns around business and office complexes, and golf course fairways, roughs, tee boxes, and greens), landscape ornamentals, greenhouse and nursery ornamentals, apples, stone fruit, and grapes. Optimum disease control is achieved when the fungicide is applied in a regularly scheduled preventative spray program.

Carefully read and follow label directions including recommended use rates and restrictions. For proper application, determine the size of the area to be treated, the recommended label use rate, and the gallonage to be applied to the area. Prepare only the amount of spray solution required to treat the measured area. Careful calibration of spray equipment is recommended prior to use.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Quali-Pro Myclobutanil 20EW T&O is a locally systemic fungicide having protectant and curative properties that will translocate to new growth. For best control of labeled diseases, achieve thorough coverage of all plant parts on a protective application schedule. For dilute sprays (>100 gallons per acre) applied to ornamental plants in greenhouses, field-grown plantings, or in commercial and residential landscapes, apply Quali-Pro Myclobutanil 20EW T&O at the rate of 6 to 12 fluid ounces per 100 gallons of spray volume on a 10- to 14-day application schedule unless otherwise directed. Use the higher rate under conditions of high disease pressure and/or optimum conditions for infection. For concentrate sprays (<100 gallons spray volume per acre) apply 8.0 fluid ounces per acre on a 10- to 14-day application schedule.

The addition of a nonphytotoxic spreading agent will improve coverage and fungicidal performance. Treated plants should be maintained in a vigorous growing condition. Plants under nutritional or water stress will not respond as well as plants that are well maintained. Overdosage of Quali-Pro Myclobutanil 20EW T&O can result in observable foliar greening, thickened leaves, and/or shortened internodes. If this condition is observed, reduce the fungicide use rate but do not extend the recommended application schedule.

Crop Tolerance

Plant tolerances are acceptable in the specific plants listed on the label. It is not possible to evaluate all ornamental plant species or varieties for tolerance to Quali-Pro Myclobutanil 20EW T&O. The user should test for possible phytotoxic responses by treating a limited number of plants at recommended use rates prior to initiating large-scale use. The effects of spraying Quali-Pro Myclobutanil 20EW T&O in combination with plant growth regulators are not fully understood at this time. If the use of a plant growth regulator is planned in an area being treated, the user should test for possible enhanced growth regulator effects by treating a small number of plants at the recommended use rates of all products prior to initiating large-scale use. Since the effectiveness of such products depends not just on plant species or cultivar but also weather and seasonable differences (e.g., daylight hours), it is recommended that tests be repeated on previously tested varieties as environmental factors change and that observations for growth regulator responses be made at regular intervals.


Foliar Sprays: Best control is achieved by thorough coverage sprays applied to point of runoff on a protectant application schedule. Use Quali-Pro Myclobutanil 20EW T&O at a rate of 8 fluid ounces per 100 gallons of spray mixture. (Do not apply more than 19 fluid ounces of Quali-Pro Myclobutanil 20EW T&O (0.25 pounds active) per acre per application.) Application should be made on a 10- to 14-day schedule (not to exceed 21 days).

Prestick Dip Treatment: Chrysanthemum cuttings may be treated by a dip procedure prior to planting as follows: Prepare a dip suspension at a concentration equivalent to 8 fluid ounces of Quali-Pro Myclobutanil 20EW T&O per 100 gallons of water. Cuttings must be fully submerged in the dip suspension until wet throughout. (Cuttings should not remain submersed longer than 2 minutes.)

If cuttings are dipped, this procedure will represent the first spray under the quarantine program. Used dip suspension should be disposed of if it becomes contaminated with soil, plant debris, or other foreign matter. Used dip suspension can be disposed of by spraying onto registered crops (but not onto previously dipped cuttings) after filtering or in a manner consistent with local, state, and federal guidelines.

NOTE: All infected plant material must be destroyed if your state is under quarantine directive.

NOTE: Not approved for use in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, New York.


- Do not apply more than 20 fl oz of Quali-Pro Myclobutanil 20EW T&O (0.25 lb active ingredient) per acre per application. On a total volume per acre basis, do not apply more than 333 gallons of spray per acre at the 6 fl oz per 100 gallons rate or 167 gallons per acre at the 12 fl oz per 100 gallons rate per application.

- Do not use treated plant materials for food or feed.

Restricted Entry Interval

12 hours