General Information

Quali-Pro Lambda GC-O Insecticide is for use on turf and ornamentals in indoor and outdoor areas such as residential landscapes and nonresidential landscapes around institutional, public, commercial, and industrial buildings, parks, recreational areas, golf courses, and athletic fields.

Quali-Pro Lambda GC-O Insecticide may be applied to ornamentals grown in commercial greenhouses, shadehouses, and nurseries, and turf grown on sod farms or for commercial seed production.

Quali-Pro Lambda GC-O Insecticide may also be used for applications to golf course fairways, greens, greens aprons, and tee areas.


- Do not apply to flowering plants when pollinating insects are present. Make applications during the early morning or late evening hours.

- Do not apply this product through any type of irrigation system.

- Do not apply this product to edible crops or crops grown for food/feed.

- Do not apply this product by aerial application.


Quali-Pro Lambda GC-O Insecticide may be mixed with water and applied in all types of application equipment. Mix product with the required amount of water and apply as a dilute application to the point of runoff. Apply as a coarse spray using appropriate equipment. To avoid small droplets, do not use excessive spray pressure, and use the correct nozzle. For hard-to-wet foliage such as holly, pine, or ivy, use a spreader-sticker to increase knockdown and residual activity. If concentrate or mist-type application equipment is used, use the equivalent amount of product for concentrate or mist-type application equipment as would be used in a dilute application.

Note: Testing has been carried out on a wide range of ornamental plants under various environmental conditions, and no phytotoxicity has been observed; certain cultivars may still be sensitive to the final spray solution. Before treating large areas, prespray a selection of ornamental plants and observe them for 7-10 days if local use data is not available.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions



- Do not apply when turfgrass is waterlogged or when soils are saturated with water (i.e., will not accept irrigation).

- Keep children and pets off treated areas until spray has dried following the application.

Application Instructions

Make application to turf before high insect populations and turf damage is evident. Reapply at 7-day intervals if necessary to maintain control. Use higher rates when pest pressure increases.

Subsurface Insect Control (mole crickets, grubs, etc.): For best results, apply Quali-Pro Lambda GC-O Insecticide at recommended rates in 4-10 gals. of water per 1,000 sq. ft. The use of a nonionic wetting agent, penetrant, or similar adjuvant is strongly recommended following label rates. Use the highest water application rates possible with your sprayer. Apply Quali-Pro Lambda GC-O Insecticide to turf wet with dew, rain, or irrigation. Water-in immediately after application with 1/4-1/2 inch of water for optimum results.

Chinch bugs, Mole crickets (mature adults): Not for use on mature adult mole crickets and chinch bugs in New York State.

Restricted Entry Interval

24 hours