General Information


It is CRITICAL that ISOMATE-CM FLEX is applied as directed.

Application - Place dispensers on lateral branches in upper third of tree canopy. Apply dispensers uniformly in the treated area.

Timing - Apply prior to codling moth emergence in the spring. Consult your local pest control advisor or Pacific Biocontrol representative for proper timing or estimated dispenser longevity in your area.

Note - Isomate-CM Flex suppresses mating of target pests. Immigration of mated female moths of these species from adjacent external sources of infestation will reduce the level of control.

Manage by:

- Treatment of external sources of infestation with Isomate-CM Flex.

- Treatment of external sources of infestation with an effective insecticide.

- Treatment of pheromone treated orchard with insecticide.

Areawide application is most effective. Supplementary applications of insecticide are advised when Isomate-CM Flex is used in orchards with high pest populations. All pests must be monitored so that timely intervention with insecticides is possible.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

Crops - Apples, pears, quince and other pome fruits; walnut, pecan and other tree nut crops; peaches, prunes, plums, nectarines and other stone fruits.

Target - Pests Codling moth (Cydia pomonella), hickory shuckworm (Cydia caryana).

Rate - Minimum of 200 dispensers per acre (1.25 fl oz or 31.58 g a.i. per application). Maximum of 400 dispensers per acre (2.49 fl oz or 63.16 g a.i. per application). Apply maximum rate of dispensers in orchards that are medium to high-risk, such as moderate to heavily infested orchards, or any orchard adjacent to an untreated orchard. Apply double rate of dispensers to edges of orchard. Do not exceed 150 g a.i. (or 950 dispensers) per acre per year.