General Information

Healthy Start 3-4-3 is a granular fertilizer formulated to address numerous aspects of soil fertility. It contains only natural fertilizer ingredients to provide a slowly releasing source of NPK, to immediately increase the organic content of the soil, and to improve microbial activity. In addition, the product contains six species of beneficial rhizosphere bacteria to provide a sustainable fertilizing effect. Use Healthy Start 3-4-3 as a general fertilizer when planting or potting, or as a topdressing on already established lawns and gardens.

Healthy Start 3-4-3:

- Provides slow release NPK derived from natural sources

- Slowly releases its nutrients as it biodegrades

- Increases the organic content of the soil

- Acts as a food source for its beneficial bacteria

- Introduces six selected species of beneficial bacteria that fix nitrogen from the air, solubilize phosphorus, and release minerals from organic matter in the root zone

- Will not burn plants

Refer in the label regarding spreader settings.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Broadcast or spread one 25 pound bag per 2500 square feet, then seed or lay sod.