General Information

Flexx Turf Premix is formulated to meet the special needs of high performance golf and sports field turfgrass. Flexx is conveniently packaged in premeasured 8 pound open-and-pour bags that treat 50,000 sq. ft. (about 1 acre). The premix contains organic soil amendments, water-soluble yucca extract, beneficial bacteria, Myconate, a stimulant of VAM fungi to increase colonization rates of the turf roots and a chelated micronutrient package designed specifically for turf. Use Flexx with golf and sports turf installation and maintenance programs to reduce stress, improve durability and correct mineral nutrient deficiencies. Flexx can be used for the grow-in phase, immediately following new installation, as well as during renovation and maintenance with all types of warm and cool season grasses. Flexx:

- Helps turf recover from sports damage

- Colonizes the root zone with beneficial microbial populations that improve soil fertility

- Improves green color without promoting excessive top growth