General Information


This product may be used indoors and outdoors to repel nuisance birds such as starlings, blackbirds, cowbirds, gulls, Canada geese, mallards, and other birds that have become a nuisance or health hazard in the target area.

Use Sites:

Agricultural: Use this product to limit damage caused by birds on ripening crops. Do not apply when crop is wet or rain is expected.

Withhold treatment until fruit is susceptible to bird damage.

FeatherDuster may be used on all fruit, vegetable, grains, stored grains and commodities, barns, packing houses, gardens, orchards, vineyards, nurseries, greenhouses, sod farms, etc. including but not limited to rice, corn (sweet, pop, seed, grain, white) and sunflowers.


FeatherDuster may be used on all landscape areas to repel birds from causing damage and the following use sites:

- Marinas and boats, harbors

- Airports, hangars, runways, tarmacs

- Structures and Buildings: commercial buildings, warehouses, garages, assembly plants, electrical substations, power plants

- Landfills, garbage and refuse sites

- Green areas: golf courses, lawns, athletic fields, industrial turf, trees, shrubs, nurseries, greenhouses, parks, animal refuges, zoos, refuges

- Aquatic sites: FeatherDuster may be used in and over all water sources including potable water, mud puddles, salt and fresh water rivers, canals, lakes, ponds, ornamental water gardens and fountains, swimming pools, streams, oceans, bays, aquaculture facilities including but not limited to hatcheries and production facilities.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Agitate concentrate container then mix 1 part concentrate with 75 parts water and mix thoroughly. Spray on areas where geese or birds are known to congregate. Repeat treatment if significant bird damage begins to occur.