General Information


Quali-Pro Chlorpyrifos 4E insecticide forms an emulsion when diluted with water and is suitable for use in all conventional spray equipment. Consult your State Experiment Station or State Extension Service for proper timing of applications.

When an adjuvant is to be used with this product, Makhteshim Agan of North America, Inc. suggests the use of a Chemical Producers and Distributors Association certified adjuvant.


Do not formulate this product into other end use products. Attention: Do not cut or weld container.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


NOTE: The 2-pint rate will aid in the suppression of cotton leafperforator and spider mites. Mix the required dosage with sufficient water to ensure thorough coverage of plants and apply using aerial or power-operated ground spray equipment. For aerial application, use at least 2 gallons of spray per acre. For ground application, use sufficient spray volume to ensure thorough coverage of treated plants but not less than 10 gallons of spray per acre. Increase spray volume when foliage is dense and/or when pests populations are high, and/or under high temperature and wind conditions. Treat when field counts indicate damaging insect populations are developing or present. Re-treat as necessary to maintain control.

Quali-Pro Chlorpyrifos 4E may also be applied through sprinkler irrigation systems as a postemergence broadcast application to control the above-listed foliar pests. For best results, use the listed rate of Quali-Pro Chlorpyrifos 4E per acre. Maintain vigorous tank agitation to assure uniformity of the application throughout the injection period. See SPRINKLER IRRIGATION section for further information.

For best results on bollworms and budworms, it is suggested that fields be scouted twice per week and treatments made when worms are 1/4 inch or less in length.


Do not make a second application within 10 days of the first application. Do not allow meat or dairy animals to graze in treated areas. Do not feed gin trash or treated forage to meat or dairy animals. The maximum single application rate is 1 lb. a.i. chlorpyrifos per acre.

Pre-Harvest Interval

14 days

Restricted Entry Interval

24 hours