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    Active ingredients





    Powdery MildewSpider Mite, WillametteMite, Apple RustSpider Mite, CarmineMite, Citrus Red/PurpleMite, Citrus RustThrips, CitrusMite, European RedSpider Mite, McDanielMealybugSpider Mite, PacificMite, Pear RustMite, Pecan Leaf ScorchLeafhopper, PotatoPsyllid, Potato/TomatoSpider Mite, Atlantic/StrawberryMite, Texas CitrusMite, Tomato RussetSpider Mite, TwospottedMite, BroadMite, CyclamenMitePsylla, PearWhiteflyMite, Citrus BudLeafhopper, GrapeLeafminer, CitrusLeafhopperPsyllid, Asian CitrusMite, Mint Bud


    AlmondAppleBeechnutBlueberry, LowbushBrazil NutCantaloupeMelon, CasabaCashewChestnutCitron, CitrusCottonCrabappleCranberryMelon, CrenshawEggplantFilbertFruit, NonbearingGrapeGrapefruitHazelnutHopsKumquatLemonLimeLoquatMacadamia NutMelon, MangomelonMayhaws (All Types)Melon, PersianMelon, CitronMelon, HoneydewMelon, MuskmelonNuts, NonbearingHickory NutOkraOrange, SourPearPecanPepper, SweetPepper, ChiliPeppermintPimentoPistachioPummeloQuinceSpearmintStrawberryTangeloTangorTomatilloTomatoVine, NonbearingWalnut, EnglishWalnut, BlackWatermelonWatermelon, HybridPepinoChironjaCalamondinButternut (Tree Nut)Orange, Satsuma MandarinMelon, Santa ClausMelon, Golden PershawMelon, PineappleMelon, SnakeOrange, SweetChinquapinSapote, WhiteLingonberryPepper, Bell/GreenCantaloupe, TrueMelon, HoneyballPepper, CookingBearberryBilberryCloudberryPartridgeberryGroundcherryFruit, DeciduousMedlarTangerine/MandarinCitrus HybridMuntries

    Available for use in the following states


    Not available

    Product safety


    Early entry
    Coveralls worn over short-sleeved shirt and short pants Socks Chemical-resistant footwear Protective eyewear (such as safety glasses, goggles, or face shield) Chemical-resistant gloves (such as barrier laminate or viton)
    Personal Protection
    Long-sleeved shirt and long pants Chemical resistant gloves (such as barrier laminate or viton) Protective eyewear (such as safety glasses, goggles, or face shield) Shoes plus socks For overhead exposure, wear chemical resistant headgear
    Restricted Entry Interval
    12 hours


    May be exposed to direct sunlight

    Is not vulnerable to flame or sparks

    Should not be stored in a damp place

    Should not be stored in a warm place

    May be frozen