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Miller Sulforix

Miller Chemical
SnapshotID: 57701

Active ingredients

Calcium Polysulfide




AnthracnoseTwig BlightCane SpotLeaf CurlMummyberry DiseasePowdery MildewBrown RotRustRustScabBlack SpotLeaf SpotYellow RustCane BlightMite, BudMite, Red/Spider Mite, RedMite, RustMite, Blueberry BudMite, Pearleaf BlisterScaleAphidMite, Gall/BlisterPsylla, PearMite, RedberryMite, EggsMite, Blackberry


AlfalfaAppleBlackberry (All Types)Blueberry (All Types)BoysenberryCherryFruit, CitrusClover, RedFruit, StoneGrapeHazelnutNectarinePeachPearPlumPruneRaspberryRyegrass, PerennialPear, Delayed DormantCaneberryRoseRose, Field Grown Garden

Available for use in the following states


Not available

Product safety


Early entry
Coveralls over long-sleeved shirt and long pants, chemical resistant gloves, protective eyewear (goggles, face shield, or safety glasses) , chemical resistant footwear plus socks, chemical resistant headgear for overhead exposure.
Personal Protection
Chemical resistant gloves (barrier laminate; butyl, nitrile, neoprene or natural rubber ≥ 14 mils; polyethylene; polyvinyl chloride (PVC) ≥ 14 mils; viton ≥14 mils), Chemical resistant footwear plus socks, Protective eyewear (goggles, face shield, or safety glasses), Chemical resistant headgear for overhead exposure, Chemical resistant apron when mixing, loading or cleaning equipment or spills,
Restricted Entry Interval
48 hours


May be exposed to direct sunlight

Is not vulnerable to flame or sparks

May be stored in a damp place

May be stored in a warm place

May be frozen