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Active ingredients

PermethrinPiperonyl Butoxide




WSSA mode of action

Sodium channel modulators




ArmywormBeeBeetle, DarklingBeetle, GroundFly, Manure BreedingSkipperBed BugBeetle, CarpetBeetle, CigaretteBeetle, Confused FlourCutwormBeetle, DrugstoreBeetle, JapaneseLiceMite, Northern FowlBeetle, Red FlourWeevil, RiceBeetle, Sawtoothed GrainYellowjacketKed, SheepWebworm, Sod/Lawn MothSowbug/PillbugSpiderFirebratBug, BoxelderCentipedeChinch BugMite, CloverCockroachCricketFly, DeerEarwigCaterpillar, Eastern TentAnt, FireFleaFlyCaterpillar, Forest TentGrasshopperMoth, GypsyFly, HornFly, HouseMillipedeMiteCricket, MoleMosquitoScorpionSilverfishFly, StableTickMoth, Tobacco/WarehouseCadelleWeevil, GranaryBlow FlyMite, GrainLice, PoultryBeetle, Angoumois GrainHornetLyme Disease VectorsMite, CheeseBeetle, SpiderLouseMoth, ClothesFly, HorseMealwormWaspAntFruit FlyCaterpillar, Gypsy MothMite, Mange, SarcoptidMosquito, LarvaeFace flyTick, DeerGnatBugMoth, Small FlyingBug, WaterBeetle, Multicolored Asian LadyBug, PalmettoFly, House LesserFly, SkipperFly, BlackFly, AnoyanceTick, SheepTick, EarLice, HogMite, Poultry


GardensGolf CourseLawns /TurfAnimal Sleeping QuartersCattle, BeefContainersCattle, DairyFeed LotsHorse FarmsHorsesHotels/MotelsIndustrial SitesInstallationsPet Sleeping QuartersPremise AreasSheepStorage AreasPallets, Behind and UnderSwine HousesParksRecreational AreasGoatsGrain ElevatorsKennelsMachinery, AroundBarns, DairyMilking ParlorsMilking RoomsPoultryCorralsSwineCattle BarnsHomesMeat Packing PlantsFlour MillsUrban AreasPlaygroundsSwine LotsBedding MaterialsOffice BuildingZoosSewers/Sewer PipesCarpets/RugsBaseboardsBoiler RoomsBuildingsCeilingsClosetsCracks and CrevicesDairiesScreensDoors, AroundDrawers, Underside ofEntries and VestibulesDrains, FloorFood Processing PlantsFoundationsFurnitureGaragesGarbage AreasHospitalsHotels/MotelsIndoorsLavatoriesLocker RoomsMachine RoomsOfficesPorches/Patios/DeckingRail CarsSchoolsShelves, Underside ofBoats/ShipsTrucksWarehousesWindows, AroundLight FixturesFloorsCanning/Bottling StoreroomsTheatersMattressesBakeriesCanneries/Bottling FacilitiesMoldingsExpansion JointsWallsSurfaces, OutsideBuildings, Residential, AroundYardsSupermarketPet kennelsBeverage ProcessingWindow framesCagesRoost polesNestsDoor FramesBookcasesGranariesLivestock HousingRestaurantsDog HousesBeam, SupportingShip Holds

Available for use in the following states


Not available

Product safety


Personal Protection
Mixers, loaders, applicators, and other handlers must wear: Long-sleeved shirt; Long pants; Shoes and socks; Chemical-resistant gloves for all haandlers except for applicators using motorized ground equipment, pilots, and flaggers. In addition to the above PPE, applicators using handheld foggers or fog/mist generators in indoor spaces must wear a half-face, full face, or hood-style NIOSH-approved respirator with: A NIOSH-approved particulate filter with any N, R, or P filter with NIOSH approval number prefix TC84A; or a NIOSH-approved powered air purifying respirator with an HE filter with NIOSH approval number prefix TC-21C.


May be exposed to direct sunlight

Is not vulnerable to flame or sparks

Should not be stored in a damp place

Should not be stored in a warm place

May be frozen