F Power 10% (Natural Resources)
F-239 (Brewer International)
F.M.-160 (Drexel Chemical Company)
Facet L (BASF Ag Products)
Factor (Rosens)
Factor 540 (Interprovincial)
Factor 540 (French) (Interprovincial)
Fair 30 (Fair Products)
Fair 80 SP (Fair Products)
Fair 85 (Fair Products)
Fair Plus (Fair Products)
Fair Tac (Fair Products)
Fairway 45 30-3-12 (JR Simplot Company)
Fairway Gold 24-3-16 (JR Simplot Company)
Falgro 20SP (Fine Americas)
Falgro 2X LV (Fine Americas)
Falgro 4L (Fine Americas)
Falgro Tablets (Fine Americas)
Fall Lawn Mix 15-10-25 (Marion Ag Service, Inc.)
Fallout (Agsurf Corporation)
Fallow Master BroadSpectrum (Monsanto Company)
Fallow Star (Albaugh/Agri Star)
Fanfare 2EC (Makhteshim Agan of North America, Inc.)
Fanfare ES (Makhteshim Agan of North America, Inc.)
Far-GO (Gowan Company)