0-0-12 (AgriEnergy Resources)
0-0-30 (AgriEnergy Resources)
0-0-5 0.13% Turf Enhancer (The Andersons, Inc.)
0.15G ProSect, APT (The Andersons, Inc.)
0.17% Governer G (The Andersons, Inc.)
0.2% Grub Out (The Andersons, Inc.)
0.48% Barricade on DG Pro (The Andersons, Inc.)
0.72G Prophesy (The Andersons, Inc.)
1% Bayleton (The Andersons, Inc.)
1,4SEED (1,4GROUP, Inc.)
1,4SHIP (1,4GROUP, Inc.)
1,4SIGHT (1,4GROUP, Inc.)
10% Boron (Actagro LLC)
10% Moly Liquid (Winfield United)
10% Sevin Granules (Loveland Industries, Inc.)
10-2-4 All Natural Organic (Grigg Brothers)
10-20-20 Fertilizer (Marion Ag Service, Inc.)
10-30-10 Fertilizer (Marion Ag Service, Inc.)
10-32-0 (AgriEnergy Resources)
10-34-0 (Fertilizer Company of Arizona)
10-34-0 Ammonium Polyphosphate Liquid (Fertilizer Company of Arizona)