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Active ingredients

Potassium PhosphiteTebuconazole




WSSA mode of action

C14-demethylation in sterol biosynthesis




Alternaria DiseasesAnthracnoseSouthern BlightGlume BlotchPurple BlotchCercospora DiseasesLate Leaf SpotLeaf Spot, CercosporaLeaf Spot, SeptoriaDowny MildewPowdery MildewPowdery MildewWhite MoldRipe RotBlack RotBrown RotPod RotRustCedar-apple RustRustLeaf RustLeaf RustStem RustScabTan SpotGummy Stem BlightVein SpotWeb BlotchFrogeye Leaf SpotBrown Leaf SpotLimb RotBlight/Late BlightDowny MildewZonate Leaf SpotShoot BlightLeaf Spot, CherryEarly Leaf SpotPanicle BlightBrown Rot Blossom BlightLeaf RustBotryosphaeria DiseasesScabStripe RustAerial BlightBrown SpotGlume BlotchPowdery MildewRust, SoybeanNorthern Corn Leaf BlightSouthern Corn Leaf BlightLeaf Spot, AlternariaBlight, BlossomPowdery MildewBlossom BlightPowdery MildewNorthern corn leaf spotHead BlightScab / Head BlightDowny Mildew


AlmondAppleApricotAsparagusBarleyBean, Dry (All Types)Cabbage, Chinese, Bok ChoyBroccoli RaabCherry, Sweet/MazzardCherry, Sour/TartCollardsCorn, FieldCorn, PopCorn, SweetGarlicGrapeGrass, For SeedMustard GreensHopsKaleLeekNectarineOnionOnion, Japanese BunchingOnion, Bulb/Dry BulbOnion, GreenPeachPeanutPecanPistachioPlumPlum, DamsonPruneRape GreensShallot/EschalotSoybeanTurnip GreensWalnutWatermelonWheatOnion, SpringPlum, ChickasawMizunaMustard SpinachPlumcotCorn, For SeedGarlic, Greatheaded/ElephantOnion, WelshOnion, Scallion (All Types)Plum, JapaneseBean, FreshEschalot, GreenShallots, GreenSunflower

Available for use in the following states


Not available

Product safety


Early entry
coveralls chemical-resistant gloves (nitrile, butyl, neoprene, natural rubber, and/or barrier laminate) shoes plus socks
Personal Protection
long-sleeved shirt and long pants chemical-resistant gloves (nitrile, butyl, neoprene, and/or barrier laminate) shoes plus socks
Restricted Entry Interval
12 hours for all crops, except apples and stone fruit. The REI for apples and stone fruit is 5 days.


May be exposed to direct sunlight

Is not vulnerable to flame or sparks

Should not be stored in a damp place

Should not be stored in a warm place

May be frozen